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I Help Web Agencies & Freelancers to Sell More Design Projects & Marketing Retainers by Optimizing Their Proposals, Sales Funnels & Client Winning Skills


Hi there,

Are you a smart and talented  Web Designer, Developer, Marketing Agency, Freelancer or Consultant that wants to attract, win and retain more great paying clients so you can finally start to grow your business.

Are you struggling with getting new clients consistently & closing high paying profitable projects?

Have a feeling you may be pricing project proposals to low and losing money?

Wondering how to get multi-year high paying retainers so you can stop feast and famine?

Wish you had a resource of actionable client winning strategies, frameworks, tools, proposals, templates, blueprints, tutorials, sales funnels that you could just plug into to your business to achieve faster success?

If you answered -YES- to some or all of these questions…

You’re not alone… I was there too!

In Our Agencies Beginning..Our Pricing, Selling Skills & Proposals Were Terrible!

Looking back… I’m shocked we were able to sell anything at all.

Our proposals were sloppy and incomplete, with no strategy, positioning, value proposition, proper structure or logical pricing.  

Due to this, we only got low value, priced by the hour work from clients that didn’t respect our talent and time and not willing to pay us what we were really worth.

It wasn’t until after all these initial selling failures that…


I Finally Cracked The 6 Figure Client Winning Code

Which enabled us to achieve the kind of Pay, Fun and Freedom we wanted from the agency.

I’ve found that many issues that kept us from winning high-paying projects and retainers with great clients consistently…

Stemmed from not having a proven proposal framework and selling process.

After much trial and error of winning and losing seven figures of proposals and projects….

I solved these issues in our business and now…

I want to share some of my proposal and selling success knowledge back with you.

These money sucking proposal and selling pains have plagued the Web Design & Marketing  community for so long that…

I’ve decided to do something about it….

So, if you want to solve these pains too and want a proposal and selling process that wins 5-figure projects & multi-year marketing retainers…..

Then, I’d like to personally and officially welcome you to Freelance Proposal Help

A one-of-a-kind, new educational resource and community built exclusively for…. YOU

The hard working Web Design and Marketing Freelancer & Agency owner that wants more profit and more freedom from your business.


The Magic of Freelance Proposal Help is That…

I’ve boiled down my 16+ years and other super successful Freelancers & Agencies 5 figure proposal writing, selling and closing knowledge…

Into simple yet powerful strategies that you can implement into your selling process and proposals quickly so you can start closing bigger, long-term deals with better clients.

My goal for you when you implement all the proven client winning strategies you get from the in-depth training and coaching into your proposals, selling process and business…

that you’ll be on your way to winning bigger and more profitable proposals with dream clients.

I’m Chris Swemba. A web marketing agency owner with over 16+ years experience writing and closing…chris swemba perrysburg

Seven figures of web design and marketing retainer proposals & contracts for over 1000+ clients in many industries and for brands like:

Ford, Taco Bell, T-Mobile, ReMax, Home Depot, Holiday Inn and hundreds more.

My goal is to give you the knowledge, strategies and tools that can help you solve your most painful proposal and selling problems and help you to build a more profitable business…faster!

A business you’ll truly be proud of and one your clients will love.

With Freelance Proposal Help,

I Want to Add BIG VALUE to Your Business….

And always give away better content for FREE then what other people charge for.

With that said….I want our relationship to start out great.

So let’s get you started.

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Dedicated to your success

Chris Swemba

Freelance Proposal Help


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