Freelance Proposal Help - Proposal Optimization

Do Want a Proposal & Selling Process That Wins 5-Figure Design Projects & Marketing Retainers?

If so, I can review and optimize your proposal for FREE

Why not put my 16+ years experience of writing and closing 1000+ 5 figure design & marketing proposals to work for you?

I have 5-7 spots open this month to do proposal reviews.  So if you’re seeing this page it means I have availability now to review and optimize your proposal.  This is a very limited time offer so don’t delay on this or you could miss out.

How it works:

  1.  Provide your proposal / contract / selling documents via the form below.

  2.  I’ll give feedback via a 15-30 minute personalized video and send it back to you

  3.  I’ll help you to fix critical proposal problems & issues that are killing your sales.

What you’ll learn:

> Is your proposal structure, wording, formatting, design, and selling tone turning clients away
> Do you have all the right pages that clients are looking for
> Are you positioning your expertise correctly so client trust you
> Several different ways to structure your pricing correctly
> Can you achieve the client’s desired ROI and goals so it’s a no-brainer for them to hire you
> How to get paid faster and like clockwork to improve cash flow
> How to add recurring revenue & high-ticket retainers so you can stop feast & famine
> How to offer hot, high-profit services that businesses are buying right now
> How to properly present proposals to clients and close them fast
> How to stop scope creep and content collection issues that keep you from getting paid on time
> Client payment terms that get you paid 10x faster
> How to avoid lawsuits and costly legal troubles

If all this sound good to you…then let’s get started.

Simply fill out this quick form to provide the URL(s) or file download link to your proposal, contracts
and selling documents and what you specifically need help with and I’ll get right to work for you.

I’ll contact you if I have any questions

Submit your proposal & info here

*Full Name
*What kind of company do you have? Freelancer, part time full time, agency owner?
*How long in business?
*How many employees do you have?
*What are your biggest proposal and selling problems you want help with? Be specific.
*Other than proposals and selling, what else do you want help with in your business?
*What are your gross revenue goals for the next year?
*How did you find out about this service?
*Please provide a URL link to for me download all of your proposals, contracts and outreach or sales emails + anything else you want me to look at. If you can send me a proposal you wrote for an actual client, that will help me to be more specific with my feedback.
*If you don’t have a proposal for me to optimize, then just tell me what you need help with regarding your proposals and selling process and I’ll help to solve these issue for you.
*Give additional info on the proposals and contracts you are sending to me and how you use them in your sales process.
*Any else you want to add?